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    The communication and trading platform for your local community


    Measures in connection with Covid-19

    Here you will find information about Covid-19 and how we facilitate it.

    We want customers and suppliers to feel safe and have therefore introduced a number of measures to minimize the risk of Covid-19 infection.

    Contactless delivery

    Your delivery will be placed at a pickup point.


    Upon delivery

    The supplier must follow the guidelines from the Norwegian authorities and the Institute of Public Health (FHI):

    Do not go to work if you have symptoms of illness

    Avoid close contact with anyone who has symptoms of illness

    Wash your hands regularly with soap and water

    Use hand sanitizer regularly

    Frequent cleaning of equipment

    Follow the quarantine rules of the authorities

    Use a mask where a distance of two meters is not possible

    Couriers or delivery personnel are instructed not to look at or reach into the delivery bag.

    Measures at the store/supplier

    Good hygiene is absolutely essential to minimize infection and suppliers comply with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority's current hygiene advice and the advice from FHI. If, on the other hand, infection is detected in an employee, appropriate measures are taken immediately. In connection with delivery, suppliers are instructed to:

    Ensure that the delivery box is closed during transport

    Avoid touching the handle of the delivery bag

    Regularly update yourself on the advice from FHI